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Tips for Hiring a Solar Company to Install PV Panels

The first tip is to make sure the company has specific training and experience installing photovoltaic panels. This means finding a company that has installed panels in the same general location as is needed. Some companies have only installed solar panels on ground-based mounts. This could mean the workers will have difficulty installing them on a roof. Experience is important since some general contractors believe installing solar panels just means tacking down a few boards.

The second tip is to try to choose a solar company that has specific experience working with the brand of photovoltaic panels that Read the rest of this entry »

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Use the Texas Heat to Your Advantage with Solar Panels

Solar power is created by capturing the sun’s radiant light and heat and feeding it through turbines that generate electricity. This process plays a special role in America’s largest continental state by acreage. Did you know that a month’s worth of Texas sunshine outdoes the energy capacity of all the state’s oil supplies, both past and present?

While solar energy is still a relatively small part of the energy mix, Texas has long been acknowledged as the nation’s number one solar hot spot, with more potential for sun-based renewable generation than any other U.S. territory.

When all its land is included, as opposed to just roof top capacity, Texas has twice as much solar potential as any other U.S. state. Partly, this is because the heat-intensive climate transmits a lot more unfiltered radiation, widely dispersed in other locations by pollution, clouds and atmospheric water vapor.

Yet Texas currently ranks at the number ten spot for actual solar development, so there is a clear gap to be filled. The segment is filling quickly. Today, over 250 companies are working to fill the gap with a solar-founded value chain producing diverse solar technology products, from commercial photovoltaic (PV) panels to domestic installation services.

Advocates of Texas-style solar power have proposed that the sun’s energy, abundant by daytime, be used to complement the state’s established wind farms, which are most productive at night when the wind blows. Both solar and wind power are limited by “intermittence,” the tendency to produce energy at variable rates depending on environmental conditions.

Progress in the Lone Star State has been particularly efficient in recent years: there are now more solar businesses and workers employed than there are in the ranching sector. The solar boom is steadily gaining alongside a national market. Consumers have seen the average price for both residential and commercial PV applications fall for several years consecutively.

While the government does not offer rebates, participating companies in the state’s deregulated energy market provide rebates on home solar installs. It depends on the operator. In Texas, information for comparing utilities competing for the best rates is available at

Prices fell by 20 percent in just the last year as some 75 million was put to work cutting Texas homes’ and businesses’ utility bills. The investment in 2012 represents a boost of nearly a third over the outgoing annum, and 2013 is carrying the momentum forward.

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Maintain Your PV Panels to Get the Best Performance

PV or solar energy panels are very useful. Also known as photovoltaic panels, PV panels are constructed from semi-conductor materials. Silicon is a great example of a semi-conductor material. The reason why this material is used is because it can gather a huge amount of electrons. It’s the photovoltaic effect that causes photovoltaic cells to generate electricity.

When sunlight hits these cells, solar radiation occurs, which generates electricity. These systems offer several advantages. PV panels generate renewable energy, and a PV panel also has a very long lifespan. A lot of people choose PV panels Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Solar Energy Put the Electric Companies out of Business?

Answering the question of whether solar energy will put the electric companies out of business is necessarily a two-part answer. First, one needs to look at whether this is possible in the current market. Second, one should look to what the future of the market holds. This is because these two answers are different.

Currently, the answer is no. For solar energy to seriously challenge the electric companies, solar power would need to be a cheaper Read the rest of this entry »

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How Competitive is Solar Energy Against Fossil Fuels?

The growing demand for renewable energy resources, coupled with the greater availably and falling price of solar energy equipment and installations, has made solar a more viable and useful alternative to conventional power sources than ever before. In order to compete with more conventional energy sources and options, such as oil and other fossil fuels, renewable energy alternatives will need to provide a cost-effective alternative that can be accessed and made use of without having to worry about the infrastructure, investment and equipment Read the rest of this entry »

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3 Things You Thought You Knew About Solar Energy

One of the most exciting forms of renewable energy that is available today is solar energy. Solar energy is now used in countries around the world by governments, private businesses, and on personal property. With an explosion in interest for renewable energy, everyone should keep in mind three interesting facts about solar energy and how it could affect them in the future.

Firstly, one of the most exciting features of solar energy is the fact that it can produce more energy than Read the rest of this entry »

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun’s Rays

Out of all of the existing renewable energy sources on the planet, sunlight is easily the top source. Sunlight happens to be the only renewable energy source that is capable of keeping up with humanity’s insatiable appetite for electricity.

Over the span of a single hour, an enormous amount of sunlight hits the earth. It would take a full year supply of fossil fuels to equal the amount of energy sunlight produces in one hour. However, the biggest Read the rest of this entry »

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When Was Solar Energy First Discovered?

Humankind has been harnessing the sun’s power since ancient times using a glass lens, similar to a modern magnifying glass, to concentrate the sun’s rays to light fires. Horace de Saussure, a Swiss naturalist, is believed to be the first person to collect the sun’s energy with his invention of a solar-powered oven in 1767. His design, an insulated box coated with layers of glass, could reach temperatures of 230 degrees.

A half-century later, French scientist Read the rest of this entry »

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How Does Solar Power Work Exactly and How Can I Benefit?

PV panels function by converting the rays of the sun directly into usable electrical power, without any of the pollution or waste products that conventional energy production may result in. The ability to generate cheap, abundant and clean energy in a wide range of environments, and with little need for conventional infrastructure, makes solar power a versatile and valuable source of renewable energy. Investing in solar panels and installations to provide some, or even all, of the power you need for your Read the rest of this entry »

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